DIY Dog Beds

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Whether you’ve got a little princess or a mud-puddle loving pup, bedtime is an important part of the day for our dogs.  A well-rested dog means you’ve got a tail-wagger the next day.  If your dog needs a new place to lay her head, check out a few DIY dog bed ideas from


Seasonal Duvet

If your pup already has a favorite pad or pillow, create a series of seasonal duvet covers with various textures.  Pick out a flannel fabric for the winter, cotton for the summer, and quilted for the fall.  Sew up a few holiday duvet covers with your favorite Valentine’s Day or Superbowl Sunday pattern.  For those chilly January nights, sew a pocket on your duvet cover for a heating pad (or slide the heating pad inside the cover).  Give your pup that extra special treat by warming up her bed before sleepy time!


Cave Bed

Many dogs love a dark covered spot to hide away for a nap, so consider creating a mini dog cave.  Depending on how elaborate you want this bed to be, there are a variety of materials to create this type of bed.  We suggest converting a small end table that has an enclosed bottom half into a doggie den.  Remove any drawers or doors and fill the inside with pillows or blankets.  Enclose the opening with a small curtain.  If you don’t have an end table at home that you’re willing to repurpose, check out a local thrift store or garage sale for a suitable option.


Puppy Nest

If your pup loves to curl up and lean on the edge of your couch or rest her head on a pillow, create a puppy nest. This may look like a donut shaped dog bed with an elevated edge around the perimeter of the bed.  Here’s a DIY puppy nest idea:

  1. Repurpose (or purchase) a flat round pillow.  
  2. Find an inner tube (like one used at a swimming pool) that will fit around the pillow.
  3. If your dog won’t chew on the inner tube, fill it up with air.  If you think your dog will pop the inner tube, open it up and stuff the inside with old clothes and towels.  Glue or staple it back together once it’s filled.
  4. Sew a cover for the inner tube using a durable soft fabric.  Attach the covered inner tube to the pillow using a heavy duty velcro.  This will make it easy to take apart and wash.
  5. Then, fill the nest with your dog’s favorite blanket.


Whatever type of bed your dog loves best, we recommend a nice long walk before bedtime so your pup can wiggle out his energy.  Plus, you’ll sleep better too with a little fresh air.  Sweet dreams!

Author byline: Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member.  Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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