Create Memories With I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books

When I was a kid, I remember having a book that was written with me as the lead character. It was a personalized story about myself and my next-door neighbor friend on an adventure for my birthday. To my best recollection, it was about going to “Birthday Land”, or some similar thing. I haven’t seen that book in a very long time. I would love to have it again if my mom kept it somewhere. Honestly, though, I had kind of forgotten about it until recently. A company called I See Me! contacted me about the possibility of some collaboration together. I visited their website and discovered that they offered personalized children’s books.

*Disclosure: I received a free book in exchange for my review of this product and sharing on social media.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to do a product review for I See Me! and let them know I was interested. In addition to personalizing the books to include your child’s name, they also can add photographs of your child! How cool is that?  I decided to choose My Farm Friends Personalized Book to review. It appealed to me the most of the books that they offered. And as my readers know, we are just a little into the farming/homesteading thing at our house. 🙂 On the website, I could even see how some of the pages inside the book would look.

Together with my husband, I decided to personalize the book for my little two-year old son. To personalize the book, the company will ask for your child’s name, gender, hair color, and skin tone. They also will include the child’s birthdate and a personalized dedication in the front of the book. And for the book I chose, a good photo of his face was necessary. I sent the information to my contact on a Friday. The following Monday she was back in touch, saying the book had been ordered and should arrive in about two weeks. But our package actually arrived sooner, in only eight days later. This matches the shipping information provided on their website.

The book itself is vibrantly colorful and attractive. It is a board book measuring about 6 1/2 inches wide by 6 3/4 inches tall. The cover is really nice. The pages aren’t as thick as the typical board book style that I think of, but more of a stiff cardboard. But they should hopefully hold up better for a toddler than your regular book pages.

This book is very beautiful and has my son’s name on every page. His adorably cute face is framed as the main character throughout the entire book. In most of the pictures, he is wearing a farm hat with his face encircled with a hat string. It does appear a little “squeezed” into the picture in some pages more than others. Maybe it makes a difference what picture they are sent to work with. I think it has something to do with the fact that they can’t show the child’s ears like you would naturally see with that style of hat. Regardless, his laughing little face makes me smile when looking at the book. Here’s a picture of one of the pages.

Create memories with I see me personalized children's books

I waited till the next day after I received it to give it to him. He was pretty pleased with it and recognized himself right away. He pointed to a picture of his face and said, “Pie-pie”. (his nickname) I’m not an expert in all the stages of child development, but I think a book like this can be a tool in helping a child with self-recognition. We also have looked at the pictures and pointed at different objects and animals and talked about them.

He really liked the book and sat on the floor looking thru it, and pointing himself out. He also demanded that his five-year old sister sit there and look at it with him. 🙂 And we got his big brother to look at with him too. Here he is holding up his book for a picture.

Create memories with I see me personalized children's books


I believe books are important in kids’ lives. My two youngest children love to be read to. They bring me books and ask (or demand!), that I read to them. Kids can gain knowledge and expand their vocabulary from books. Even looking at pictures and naming them, or asking a little guy like mine to find certain objects helps their development. And if nothing else, it gives them quality time with mom or dad.

If you or your child loves books, you might consider checking out the website of I See Me!. Easter is coming up, and perhaps you could get them a book for a keepsake gift. Or if you don’t celebrate Easter with gifts, maybe an upcoming birthday or other occasion might be coming up that you need a gift for. I See Me! also offers other personalized items such as puzzles, lunch boxes, growth charts, stickers, and more. Some items are personalized with name only. Others can include a picture.

I will mention that I personally would like if the items were priced a little lower. It seems they typically run about $30-$35. However, you can watch for sales. When I first visited their website, they were offering a 20% off discount. If price is a concern for your family as well, you can sign up to get an email notification when they have new products or special offers here.

One day my little guy’s book may end up in the keepsake box I’ve started for each of the kids. Each child has a plastic tote I am filling with certain baby clothes and items from their childhood. When they grow up and leave home, hopefully mom can manage to part with the tote. 🙂 But right now he can enjoy looking at pictures of “Pie-pie” and tell us that the book is “mine”.

Create memories with I see me personalized children's books




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