Creamy Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Summertime is here and people want delicious, refreshing drinks. How about a creamy mixed fruit smoothie made with Greek yogurt? Smoothies are one of those drinks that you can play around with the ingredients and try different concoctions. A little of this-and-that, a little taste-testing, and you have a yummy drink. Plus, if you’re a parent, consider it part of your kid’s fruit servings for the day!

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Our secret ingredient though for a really creamy mixed fruit smoothie, is homemade Greek yogurt. My husband was actually the one who mentioned how he noticed that the homemade Instant Pot Greek Yogurt that I made using a recipe from This Old Gal, gave the smoothies a nicer texture than store-bought yogurt. If you have an {affiliate link} Instant Pot, yogurt isn’t hard to make. It is a process that takes time, however a lot of that time is passive incubating, chilling, and then straining.

Creamy mixed fruit smoothie

But if you don’t want to make your own yogurt, you can substitute with store-bought Greek yogurt. However, it will require increasing the amount of apple juice you add. Because, I also added leftover whey as part of the liquid portion of the smoothie. When you make yogurt, whey is a remaining by-product. Instead of throwing it out, I’ve tried to use it in things. Smoothies were one of the ideas I read about to use that whey.

Whey tends to be a bit sour. But I recently discovered throwing in a banana, adds some natural sweetness to the mixed fruit smoothie. Plus it adds to the creaminess. For the other fruits, I used a 16 oz frozen mixed fruit bag from Aldi, that contains strawberries, pineapple, mango, and peaches. And as mentioned earlier, I used apple juice for part of my liquid.

I don’t have the greatest of blenders, and I had looked at getting a new one when a part on my Cuisnart broke awhile ago. We decided to just get a replacement part. But a query I put out to friends on facebook indicated Ninja was a brand many people liked for blenders. Two of my acquaintances said they had the {affiliate link} Nutri Ninja/Ninja Blender with Auto-iQ, but the other Ninja fans didn’t specify. For now, we still have our old one, until it dies. Then we will have to decide on another. Larger might be good.

So anyway, grab your blender, toss in that last banana on the counter that’s going a little too far past ripe. Add 1 1/2 cups Greek yogurt, along with a cup of whey, and a cup of apple juice. Incorporate that bag of mixed fruit, as tolerated by your blender.(As in, don’t burn up your motor by trying to chop the frozen fruit without enough liquid. Unless you have a more powerful blender than I do.) Then do a little taste-test, and add sugar as needed, about 1/8 cup – 1/4 cup. I had used 1/8 cup trying to cut down on the sugar this time, and thought it tasted ok at first. But maybe I had tasted where the sugar wasn’t thoroughly mixed, because I later thought it could use some more.  So go with a 1/4 cup if you need to.

Creamy mixed fruit smoothie

After all the ingredients are totally mixed, you will have a pretty and creamy smoothie. The five year old will exclaim, “Yay, it’s pink!” Serve it up in some pretty glasses, or be realistic and grab some plastic cups if it’s for you and the kids. The two-year old might be yelling and demanding his shake, so he gets served first. 🙂 Whatever the case, enjoy your creamy mixed fruit smoothie. It makes about 4 servings, but you can stretch it to 5 if needed. Have a lovely summer!

Creamy mixed fruit smoothie

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Creamy Mixed Fruit Smoothie
Recipe type: Drinks
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
A creamy mixed fruit smoothie made with Greek yogurt.
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1½ cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup of whey (may sub fruit juice)
  • 1 cup apple juice
  • 1 16 oz bag of frozen mixed fruit
  • ⅛ - ¼ cup sugar
  1. Peel banana and toss in blender.
  2. Add the yogurt, whey, and apple juice. If not using whey, replace with equivalent amount of additional apple juice.
  3. Gradually add fruit and blend well.
  4. Add sugar to preferred sweetness, and mix thoroughly. I use the liquefy setting on my blender.
  5. Pour in glasses and serve.


Creamy mixed fruit smoothie made with greek yogurt to drink and enjoy.


I am married with three young children. My husband and I are both registered nurses. I like to try new ideas out, and will obsessively research whatever that latest idea is. We like to try different ways to decrease our living costs and save money. My husband is great at building/fixing/diy etc. and figuring out how to implement my new schemes.

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