3 Baked Pumpkin Treats To Try This Fall

Do you enjoy baking for your family? I often do, plus it’s more cost-effective than buying ready-made treats. And I like to think that home-baked goodies are a bit healthier, despite the sugar. However, you can cut out down some of the sugar when baking sometimes, so there is that. Now, I used to not eat anything pumpkin, but last year I started giving it a try, and changed my anti-pumpkin stance. And today, I have a recipe round-up of 3 baked pumpkin treats for you to try.

First, if you don’t try any of the other recipes, you should try Pumpkin Spice Skillet Cinnamon Roll With Maple Browned Butter Glaze. This recipe I found last year from Cooking With Carlee and we really enjoy it. It has become my go-to recipe to make for cinnamon rolls. It is delicious, but just be careful not to over-bake, as that detracts from them a bit. And definitely do the brown butter glaze she recommends with it. I typically have extra dough, and can make a pan or two of cinnamon rolls in addition to filling my cast iron skillet. I think it might be a 10 inch skillet.

3 baked pumpkin treats to try this fall  3 baked pumpkin treats to try this fall

Second, I found a moist pumpkin bread just this week. It’s supposed to use a similar icing to the cinnamon rolls. But I missed the cooking step of making the icing. It turned out fine though, making it like regular icing. So if you don’t have the time to brown the butter, just mix all the icing ingredients together and it will be ok! Head over to The Domestic Rebel and get The Best Pumpkin Bread with Brown Butter Maple Icing recipe.

3 baked pumpkin treats to try this fall

Third, maybe you’d prefer to make some cookies instead of any breads. Sally’s Baking Addiction has a Cinnamon Chip Pumpkin Cookies recipe you can try.  They are a soft cookie, and fyi don’t use any eggs if you have any family with allergies. But even if pumpkin cookies aren’t your thing, you should check out Sally’s Baking Addiction for other recipes. She has good stuff. When I run across a recipe of hers on Pinterest, I kind of anticipate that it will be good.

3 baked pumpkin treats to try this fall

So, there’s 3 possibly new-to-you pumpkin recipes to add to your baking adventures this fall. What kind of fall baking have you been up to? Share your links to some good recipes in the comments!

Recipe round-up of baked pumpkin treats to try in your fall baking.


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